Inside Jane Lynch’s Quirky L.A. Compound


Dr. Patrick Mahaney’s Canine Patients Featured In People Magazine Profile Of Jane Lynch’s Home

Being a house-call practitioner in Los Angeles I get to experience my clients’ homes and formulate observations as to what happens in the house and yard that could be to an asset or detriment to my patients’ health.

Having been in house-call practice since 2008, I’ve certainly seen my fair share of the good, bad, and somewhere in-between in terms of the pet-appropriateness of my patients’ homes and the provision of their care.

Fortunately, I have great clients like Jane Lynch who goes above and beyond in making her home one that is architecturally interesting, stylish, well-built, and very pet-friendly. Jane’s house is so well set up for pets that in the years I’ve helped her I’ve never had a patient get sick or injured as a result of the layout or accessibility of the house or yard spaces.

I’ve helped Jane with numerous cats and dogs over the years and this People Magazine profile Inside Jane Lynch’s Quirky L.A. Compound, Where the Glee Alum is a ‘Lady of the Canyon’ features her current canine brood Bernice, Mille, and Rumi.

All three are rescue dogs. Bernice and Millie came from A Purposeful Rescue while Rumi was abandoned at Runyon Canyon.

Bernice is a quiet, senior, Cocker Spaniel who is shy but very lovable. Millie is the grand-dame, mixed breed who is so sweet, eager to please, and is by far one of the most cooperative patients with whom I’ve ever worked (she loves to get on the scale for her biweekly weight checks). Rumi is the rambunctious but highly-intelligent, youthful Cocker Spaniel who keeps Bernice and Millie on their toes.

It’s a treat to see my patients featured in such a view media outlet like People Magazine. I hope that Bernice, Millie, and Rumi have many happy and healthy times in their forever home with Jane (and her human family members Jennifer and Harry).