Why as a Holistic Vet I’m Committed to PURE


There are many ways owners can choose to feed their pets, but as a holistic veterinarian I recommend meals that are human-grade and whole-food as compared to feed-grade and processed-foods like most commercially-available diets like kibble and other caned foods.

Why as a Holistic Vet I’m Committed to PURE

In the late 2000’s, the Melamine pet food crisis drove owners to pursue feeding options appearing loser to home-prepared diets. As a result, the number of whole-food canine and feline diets available for purchase in stores or online has grown. Plentiful options are beneficial for pets but create challenge for owners in. deciding which recipes to choose. That is why I am partnering with PURE to provide the best nutrition for my. Pattens and feeding experience for their human caretakers. Here are my top reasons. Why owners should choose a diet like PURE for their pets.

Pets are what they eat.

The “you are what you eat” perspective many parents instill. Upon their children also applies to our pets. Therefore owners must strive to ensure the meals that enter. Their cat. Or dog’s mouth contain ingredients that are highly bioavailable (easily-absorbed) so crucial nutrients are readily accessible to benefit the body instead of taxing it.

As of 2020 I have been practicing veterinary medicine for. 20 years and have. Observed my patients eating whole-food diets throughout their lives having fewer health problems, better tolerating medications, and generally needing less-frequent lines appointments than those eating processed foods. My mission to improve pet health through nutrition is a driving perspective in my practice, which is why I believe so heartedly in the power of PURE.

Whole Foods are better than processed foods.

Commercially-available dry (kibble) diets are considered processed foods which undergo significant alteration from nature’s creation and contain fractionated ingredients, like meat, grain meals and other by-products.

Whole Foods appear identical or very similar to their natural form and contain vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and other components that are best utilized by the body when consumed together.

Breaking nutrients apart and putting them back together. Into a processed format can negatively affect food’s synergistic qualities. Co-factors essential for digestion can be deficient and contribute to poor absorption of nutrients, nutritional. Imbalances, digestive tract upset (inappetence, vomit, diarrhea, flatulence, etc. ) and more. Whole-food vitamins more-appropriately bind to receptors. In the digestive tract to serve the body better than synthetic vitamins.