Treats added to your Bowl

Designed for discerning pet parents who know that when it comes to exceptional nutrition, less is always more.

PURE’s expert-backed recipes are meticulously crafted to provide only the best for your pet.

Our Ingredients

All-natural ingredients—from the same purveyors that serve LA’s top restaurants.

All-natural ingredients—from the same purveyors that serve LA’s top restaurants.


PURE Promise

Our commitment to you
—and your pet.

PURE promises to source the absolute purest ingredients found in any pet food—anywhere. We will hand-craft our recipes & package them with the utmost care to deliver visible results you’ll see—and your pet will feel.

Our Story



I didn’t start out to be a pet food entrepreneur, but my life’s path changed the day my Yorkshire terrier, Zoey, was hit by a car. Zoey’s injuries were life-threatening, and her recovery was painful and slow. It became clear that she needed more than modern medicine could provide—she needed pure nutrition to help heal her body from the inside out.

I consulted with the industry’s top Vet Nutritionists, and together we developed a meal plan full of fresh, home-cooked, balanced, and easy-to-digest whole food ingredients. Her physical response was dramatic. She began to do more than just heal—she began to thrive.

It’s a simple, yet powerful realization—It’s time to give the food we feed our pets the same care and attention we give our own. It’s time to rethink the way we feed our pets… and invest in the future they deserve.

Welcome to PURE.


Our Expert Vet



As a Los Angeles veterinarian having over 20 years of clinical experience, I know firsthand what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to pet nutrition.

Many of my high-profile clients entrust me to provide uncompromised care for their pets, and this includes recommending only the highest-quality nutritional regimens.

I endorse the whole-food nutrition of PURE to my most discerning clients because it provides an exceptional level of nutrition for my patients, from the quality and integrity of PURE’s ingredients to ease in which it seemingly fits into my clients’ busy lives.

PURE delivers results you can see from your pet’s first bowl and it is the best way to invest in the health, happiness, and longevity of your four-legged companion.

Chief Veterinary Officer